Some Advice On Packing The Perfect Picnic

With the onset of spring, everyone is just waiting for the opportunity to take a closer rest in nature to enjoy the sun, fresh air, and, of course, a delicious picnic. And when day “X” finally arrives, then we must not allow him to spoil some trifle in the form of a forgotten thing. Therefore, we offer you a list of necessary products and items that you should take with you to the barbecue.

Useful inventory
To avoid difficulties in cooking and to organize a picnic area, think in advance what equipment you may need. This is especially true for a vacation in the wild, or at least away from shops.

A little king or queen?

Equipment depends on the location of the picnic area. With various layout options, you may need:

  • tent or canopy;
  • set of folding table and chairs;
  • bedding for a seat (rug or mat);
  • devices for the preparation of barbecue and other dishes (barbecue, grill, skewers, grills, pans, pans, pans, teapots);
  • bonfire items (burner, matches, lighter, paper, coal, firewood, ax).
  • Pack your hat, sunglasses and a warm jacket in a bag with personal belongings. If you plan to go out in the water, do not forget to take a swimsuit, towel, and slippers. And, of course, take a camera with you to take beautiful pictures on a picnic.

Pay no less attention to the collection of the table set. Take the following items with you:

  • knives, cutting board, grater, corkscrew and can opener;
  • a set of dishes (forks, spoons, plates, glasses) depending on the number of people;
  • napkins and hand towels;
  • salad bowls, gravy boats, and wide sliced ​​plates.
  • In order not to leave food debris and other waste, take care of the presence of garbage bags.